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Founder, chief intelligence officer, financial overseer, and CEO of Stratfor.

Europe’s Woes Stem From A Crisis Of Nationalism: George Friedman

Date: 11 November 2011

The European Union was formed by high-minded elites who believed that closer economic integration and interdependence between nations would result in fewer military conflicts that stemmed from nationalism.  However, the financial crisis that has engulfed the continent has since revealed the fault lines to the EU’s system – one that replaces military conflicts with economic ones. As such the ongoing crisis in Europe should not be seen as a crisis about the euro, or even a crisis about economics. Rather, it is actually a crisis about nationalism.

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Solutions to the Eurozone’s Problems Miss the Mark: George Friedman

Date: 7 October 2011

The economic crisis in the eurozone is, without doubt, mammoth. On a more optimistic note, central bankers and governing authorities seem to have reached a consensus on how to tackle the economic problems: by giving banks and countries money, defaults can be avoided. But this does not address the fundamental dilemma of Europe, nor does it show a concerted understanding of Europe’s underlying political complexities. 

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Dominoes of Doom – The Political Economy of the Global Financial Crisis: George Friedman

Date: 17 August 2011

17 August 2011. Politics and economics are intrinsically linked. For classical economists, it was impossible to understand politics without economics or economics without politics. Accordingly, the current global economic crisis can also be best understood as a crisis of political economy. The evolution of the crisis across the US, Europe and China has one overriding theme: the relationship between the political order and economic life.

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