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An English journalist who, when he's not exploring the social consequences of political actions, likes to write about cricket for some light relief.

Brazil Riots: Citizens Unite In Contempt For Political Class

Date: 4 July 2013

To outsiders, Brazilians don’t seem to have as much to complain about as the protesters in Greece, Turkey, or Egypt. Its economy has boomed for two decades and is now the world’s seventh largest. But inside Brazil, anger has been simmering for some time. Atrocious public services, government corruption and the extravagant spending on the FIFA World Cup are at the root of June’s mass demonstrations across 80 cities in Brazil.

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The Economics Of The Illegal Wildlife Trade

Date: 29 May 2013

The illegal trade of animals or animal parts has become one of the most lucrative black market activities in the world. Driven by the promise of high profit margins, poachers in Africa – namely militias, armed groups, and insurgent groups – have driven rhinos and elephants close to extinction, while murdering hundreds of park rangers in the process.  NGOs and governments now face a race against time to reduce demand for wildlife trade, particularly in Asia, as well as to equip those on the frontline to fight a well-armed enemy.

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Margaret Thatcher’s Economic Legacy: A Nation Divided

Date: 18 April 2013

The funeral of former British PM Margaret Thatcher saw a nation divided in hatred and love for one of the most iconic world leaders of modern times. While, Inner London today is one of the richest parts of the entire European Union, in the North of England there are towns still with persistently high levels of unemployment due to Thatcher’s past policies.

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Housing Bubble 2.0? – Why The US Property Market Is Headed For Another Crash

Date: 21 February 2013

U.S. house prices have risen for the past year, provoking calls that the market has stabilised; But American investment broker Peter Schiff – the famous ‘Dr Doom’ who accurately predicted the 2007 crisis – says the correction is temporary and he predicts big falls to come as the U.S. economy stagnates and interest rates rise.

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Google vs. Newspapers: How France May Have Saved A Dying Industry

Date: 5 February 2013

Few gave French President Francois Hollande any chance of success when he met with Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt about compensating French media organisations for links on the Internet giant’s search engine.  But on February 1, the two parties reached a compromise solution, which may have resounding repercussions for the future of newspapers – and journalism in general – worldwide.

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Land Grabbing: 21st Century Colonialism?

Date: 17 January 2013

The pace of land grabbing in the developing world is accelerating fast. Foreign governments, financial institutions and corporate giants have combined to create a neo-colonial expansion, which has disastrous consequences for the local populations, as well as the environment.

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High Hopes: Does Legalised Marijuana Have A Future?

Date: 5 December 2012

The American states of Colorado and Washington have gone beyond the decriminalising policies in place in European countries like the Netherlands and Portugal by becoming the first modern jurisdictions to legalise marijuana – with far-reaching legal, social and economic repercussions.

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The Faux French Socialist & The Reawakening Of Europe’s ‘Genuine Left’

Date: 15 November 2012

François Hollande’s rise to power in France was supposed to herald the re-emergence of Left-wing politics in Europe. But with the French Socialist Party now falling in line with the neoliberal austerity agenda, other ‘Genuine Left’ parties across Europe have begun to gain greater prominence, particularly in Greece where austerity policies remain deeply unpopular.

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Obama Battles to Become First $1 billion President

Date: 23 October 2012

President Obama’s fundraising campaign is set to raise US$1 billion and that does not even include the massive ads funded by the Super PACS. Meanwhile, in Washington, the billions spend on lobbying rises ever year. The result is a conservative political system stifled by the influence of big business elites.

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Is The World’s Addiction To Meat Sustainable?

Date: 2 October 2012

The western addiction to meat products is spreading to Asia with unsustainable consequences for the world’s water supply. With the population booming, we have to reduce our consumption of water-intensive livestock, or billions of mouths will go hungry by 2050.

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The Economic Consequences Of An Israel-Iran War

Date: 12 September 2012

An Israeli invasion of Iran could provoke a spiralling in oil prices with catastrophic consequences for the world economy, as well as unpredictable political repercussions throughout the Middle East. Yet, Israel continues its dangerous game of brinkmanship.

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Why ‘Rogue’ UK Bankers Can’t Escape US Regulators

Date: 14 August 2012

In the wake of the recent spate in scandals involving British banks, the U.K.’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is now predictably making all the right noises about prosecuting miscreant bankers. Yet legal experts on both sides of the Atlantic argue that the SFO is too weak to live up to its promises; and say that the more aggressive U.S. system could be a far likelier source of prosecutions.

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London 2012: Has Money Killed The Olympic Spirit?

Date: 26 July 2012

The Olympics is no longer all about sport, but rather a corporate jamboree for the elite super-rich. The same pattern repeats itself every time as host nations are forced to follow the International Olympic Committee’s rulebook.

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Online Privacy: The Relentless Pursuit For Your Personal Data

Date: 26 June 2012

Despite growing public concern, companies such as Google and Facebook continue to demonstrate an insatiable desire to gather and market our personal information to advertisers. Today, these companies are even able to manage our online identities by creating the equivalent of an ID card for the Internet.

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