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  • The dangerous herd mentality may be contributing to an Aussie housing bubble.

    Running with the Herd

    The price gap between houses and apartments in many Australian cities is closing as property investors exhibit a significant degree of herding behaviour, according to new research.

    The research comes amid speculation that Australia is in a housing bubble. Herding behaviour is leading to excessive borrowing, further fuelling apartment prices, particularly in Sydney.

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  • The MILF is pursuing autonomy in accordance with the Philippine constitution.

    Could Autonomy Bring Lasting Peace in Southern Philippines?

    Securing a lasting peace in the southern Philippines has been an ongoing problem for the Philippine government. Marginalised Moros in the southern Philippines have legitimate grievances against the Philippine government. This much the Philippine government has recognised in signing peace agreements, most recently with the insurgent group Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

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  • How do you budget to save the environment?

    Factoring the Environment into a Federal Budget

    Charles Dickens’ character Oliver Twist is perhaps best known as the boy who wanted more. Of course, he got none. Instead, his efforts prompted Mr. Bumble, the parish beadle (official) to offer a princely £5 to anyone who would take the boy off his hands.

    The environment is something of a modern Oliver Twist in the budget workhouse. There’s certainly no more porridge on offer – indeed significantly less counting the changes to renewable energy funding announced on 23 March.

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  • The RBA memo means it doesn't exactly stay out of fiscal business.

    The RBA Stirs the Negative Gearing Pot

    memo on the subject of housing taxation from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is stirring up debate on proposed changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax in the election campaign. The memo, dated December 9 2014, does counter the government’s claim that changes to negative gearing will have an adverse effect on housing prices, although this was never its intended purpose.

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  • Australia's superannuation changes could end up benefiting the rich.

    Australia Still Tweaking Superannuation

    The superannuation changes announced in last week’s federal budget will better target super towards its core purpose of supplementing the Age Pension. However, in such a complex area as super, appearances can deceive. Parts of the budget package may make the system even more generous to high-income earners – and more expensive for the government.

    Carry forward won’t help women and carers to ‘catch up’

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  • Regardless of the election outcome, the Philippines are in for a rough ride.

    When a Candidate Wins and a Country Loses

    ‘Shut up!’ ‘Go to hell!’ ‘A disgrace to your race!’ These words were uttered by the leading contender in the Philippine presidential race, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, in April 2016. The first was directed at Australian and American diplomatic envoys after the Australia Ambassador tweeted her reaction to Duterte’s so-called ‘rape joke’. Women’s groups who filed a complaint over the incident before the Commission on Human Rights were on the receiving end of the second statement.

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  • TC Winston set Fiji's economy back years.

    Small Country, Smaller Economy, Big Storm Damage

    TC Winston struck Fiji on 20 February 2016, causing widespread devastation. Classed as category five, TC Winston is the strongest cyclone to have ever hit Fiji and has impacted close to 350,000 people. This comes just four years after the category four cyclone TC Evan ravaged Fiji, causing damages estimated at around FJ$195 million (US$108 million).

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