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  • It's China's turn at the G20 helm to show the world it can lead.

    China in the G20 Spotlight

    The G20 has become the key vehicle for implementing and promoting global economic governance. China is set to host this year’s G20 summit in Hangzhou on 4–5 September.

    What can we expect from the G20 under China’s leadership?

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  • China believes a greater G20 role for Africa will speed up industrialization.

    Can Africa Benefit from a Greater G20 Role?

    As China assumes leadership in the grouping, Beijing a wants greater role for Africa and the developing world in the G20.

    When China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke in the Hangzhou Summit in May, he made it clear that Beijing intends to cooperate with other G20 countries to deliver ten outcomes. One of these focuses on Africa.

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  • The G20 needs to adjust to a new world.

    How will the G20 Work in a Multi-polar World?

    More than seven decades after 1945, international multilateral organizations continue to represent the victors of World War II, not the economic powerhouses of the 21st century. However, change is in the air.

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  • The South China Sea could be ASEAN's undoing.

    Is ASEAN Sinking in the South China Sea?

    The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) judgement on the South China Sea ruled that there is no legal basis for Chinese ‘historical rights’ within its claimed nine-dash line. China did not accept the judgement and has instead continued its maritime and aerial activities in the region.

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  • China's G20 agenda should have clear priorities.

    China's G20 Mission should be Clear

    In December 2015, China announced that its priorities for the upcoming G20 Hangzhou summit were to make the global economy more innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive. However, China is struggling to deliver practical outcomes in these areas because many of them are challenging domestic issues that lack a global focus.

    Luckily, G20 finance ministers and trade ministers identified practical outcomes on the global financial safety net, growth and trade, which could be delivered, provided China is willing to broaden its priorities.

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